2004 - King                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       17hh, black Oldenburg gelding
I know very little about this guy. I rescued him from a terrible situation late last year - he was starving. (Literally) I got him home and had a full vet check on him. He had dental work, dewormed him,
chiropractic work, shoes put on, and as much good quality food as he could eat. He has a recent set of x-rays.

He was so thin I didn't even bother trying to work with him other than to work on his ground manners for the first 4 months. I've just started riding him this week. He seems very sweet. He moves nicely -
has the smoothest canter I've ever sat on... He has an old digital flexor tendon injury that has healed completely - but this would most likely drop him out of a jumping home. He could make a lovely
dressage mount, or a perfect trail ride. He's pretty bombproof from what I've seen so far. He is a 'real' 17hh. The photo's show him from the day I got him to today. He does show some signs of being arena
sour - but he's wonderful on trails. The other horses can gallop away from him and he just doesn't care. Loads easily. Loves to be groomed, washed, petted etc. Has great feet. Gets on well with other
horses - is definitely not alpha but won't be pushed off his food either. Seems like a really kind sweet horse that has had a rough go....   
Video on YouTube
King - November, 2017
King - December, 2017
King - September, 2018
Giving pony rides to a complete beginner - (first
time he'd ever seen a horse!)